Brønshøj Parish Center, Denmark
지역 화합의 장이 된 덴마크 코펜하겐의 교구 센터

NORD Architects | NORD 아키텍츠



The new parish center, in Brønshøj, a suburb of Copenhagen, is a modern gesture of sustainability – a gentle mark in wood that brings people together.
The parish center brings a new welcoming gathering space to the area, creating a new connection between the city square and the church that was previously blocked off. It is a modern church and parish center, that aims to open up towards the community with a bright, honest and welcoming atmosphere, integrated with the local urban context and everyday scenes in the center of Brønshøj.

덴마크 코펜하겐 자치구인 브론쇼이에 현대적 감성의 교구 센터가 들어섰다. 지속 가능성을 강조한 목재 건물은 지역 주민에게 활짝 열린 공간이 되어 브론쇼이의 일상에 자연스럽게 녹아든다. 화합의 장이 된 교구 센터는 과거에 단절됐던 도심 광장과 교회를 연결한다.




Project: Brønshøj Parish Center / Location: Brønshøj Kirkevej 4D, 2700 Brønshøj, Denmark / Architects, landscape: NORD Architects / Engineer: Norconsult / Client: Brønshøj Parish Church Council (Menighedsråd) / Area: 934m2 / Design: 2014~2019 (1st prize competition, opened officially April 2019) / Photograph: Adam Mørk



In 2015, NORD Architects won the competition for a new Parish Center with a proposal that unified the church, city and congregation in a new cultural community. 250 scouts are associated with the center, for instance, and use both indoor and outdoor facilities there.

“We have designed a multifunctional building that provides an open and welcoming space for flexible usage within a modern parish center that gathers people in very varied activities. The large span of Cross Laminated Timber(CLT) wood accommodates this in one gesture and connects the two opposite outdoor spaces: the church on one side and the city on the other” says Morten Rask Gregersen, partner at NORD Architects.





NORD 아키텍츠는 2015년 브론쇼이 교구 센터 설계 공모전에서 교회와 도시, 교인을 아우르는 새로운 문화 커뮤니티를 선보였다. 건축가 라스크 그레게르센은, 오늘날 교구 센터란 많은 사람이 모여 다양한 활동을 하는 곳이기에 여러 용도로 활용할 수 있는 다목적 공간을 설계했다고 설명한다.





The building is constructed from massive CLT elements, setting a new standard for a large, free-span that can cover the main space. As a natural wood product, CLT provides a healthy and comfortable indoor climate and is a sustainable choice of building material with a low carbon footprint and durability. Some of the many advantages of CLT as a natural material are that it works as a stabilizer of humidity, acoustics and temperature, which creates indoor conditions that feel friendly and comfortable to live and work in.

The CLT wood is left visible in the large multifunctional space running through the building from one end to the other, connecting the city square with the quiet pastor’s garden behind the parish center. The curved walls of the building embrace the urban space, open up towards the garden and create a sensitive meeting with the neighboring rectory. The exterior cladding in ash wood creates a warm ambiance that signals the informal use of the parish center as a community center with diverse users and activities.



내벽에 사용된 CLTCross Laminated Timber 목재는 두꺼운 집성판을 교차로 접착해 휨이나 뒤틀림이 없는 단단한 소재다. 내구성이 좋아 기둥이 없는 장스팬 구조의 다목적 공간에 적합하다. 게다가 습도나 음향, 온도 조절에 탁월한 성능을 보여 쾌적하고 건강한 실내 공간을 조성하는 데 도움이 된다. 탄소 발자국 수치가 낮은 친환경 소재이다 보니 편안한 실내 분위기를 낸다는 장점도 있다.

목재를 이어붙인 건물 양쪽 곡선 벽이 각각 도시 광장과 조용한 뒤뜰 정원을 감싸며 주변과 어우러진다. 물푸레나무로 마감한 외벽에서 풍기는 따뜻한 분위기가 누구에게나 열려 있음을 알린다.