Hangang Project Headquarters
Design Competition of the Natural Swimming Pool at Jamsil Hangang Park

The Jamsil Hangang Park swimming pool, installed in August 1990, is a safety-grade C-class facility after a close inspection in 2019. It is a facility that is aged 30 years after installation and needs to be fully renovated.

Participants create a natural water swimming pool space that does not only improve facilities and safety, but also restores natural landscapes and fulfills urban regeneration.
From spring to autumn, the site intends to create a swimming pool and a rest area, and in winter, create a winter landscape that blends with the Hangang(also Han River) for providing a public space that can be used throughout the four seasons.
Role as a new landmark in Seoul and facility planning that can be used in all seasons will enhance the status of Jamsil Hangang Park and present a new paradigm for natural water facilities that are differentiated from other swimming pools in Hangang Park.

1. Eligibility
Domestic and foreign licensed landscape architects

2. Site
65, Hangaram-ro, Songpa-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea (Existing swimming pool at Jamsil Hangang Park)

3. Schedule
(1) Registration: May 15 (18:00, GMT+09)
(2) Competition Briefing: April 8, 15:00
(3) Inquiry Reception: April 8~10
(4) Inquiry Answer: April 17
(5) Submission: May 17~18 (18:00, GMT+09)
(6) Technical Review: May 22
(7) Evaluation Stage 1: May 27
(8) Evaluation Stage 2: June 3
(9) Announcement of the Winners: June 4

4. Submission
– Two Digital Panel (14,400ⅹ8,100 pixels, JPG, 300dpi)
– Representative Image (1 copy, JPG, 300dpi)
– Extra Images (2 copies, JPG, 300dpi)
– Site Plan, Longitudinal and Latitudinal Section, Partial Plan (JPG, 300dpi)
– Design Manual
– A Compressed File of Scanned Documents (PDF)
– Original 3D Image File (3ds)

5. Jury Panel Members
– Kim B.C, Chae Eum Landscape Engineering Co.
– Lee Yumi, Graduate School of Environmental Studies, Seoul National University
– Lee Janghwan, Urban Operations Co.
– Choi Shinhyun, CTOPOS (PA)
– Choi WonMan, Shinhwa Consulting Co.
– Kim Sungwoo, N.E.E.D. Architecture Co. (Preliminary)

6. Prizes
Winner(1): The right of priority negotiation for working design
2nd(1): KRW 16,600,000
3rd(1): KRW 12,450,000
4th(1): KRW 8,300,000
5th(1): KRW 4,150,000

7. Contact
The Park Facility Division at the Hangang Project Headquarters / +82.2.3780.0899
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