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International Design Competition for Korean Museum of Urbanism and Architecture

The Korean Museum of Urbanism and Architecture (KMUA) aims to become a center of archive, exhibition, education, and research for urbanism and architecture. KMUA parts from collection-centered museums of the past and moves toward a new direction of a “dynamic museum” that can sustain evolution and growth by accumulating and producing various contents through linking its archive, exhibition, education and research activities.

The purpose of this international competition is to select the best architectural design for the establishment of the Korean Museum of Urbanism and Architecture, making it Korea’s representative institution for urbanism, architecture, and their public discourse.

1. Competition brief
– Location: cultural facility lot (Culture S-1) in Sejong-ri (Area S-1), Sejong, Korea
– Lot Size: 11,970m2
– Total Floor Area: 17,050m2 (Corridor area excluded) + 4,729m2 (underground parking)
– Building Size: 2 basement levels, a maximum height of 22 meters
– Total Building Cost: KRW 46.9 billion (construction work only, another 27.8 billion for an inner exhibit work is not included)
– Architectural Design Fee: Approx. 2.7 billion (Design fee for the corridor and underground parking included, VAT included)
– Design Project Period: Approx. 12 months

2. Eligibility
– Both Korean and foreign licensed architects can participate, and holders of foreign licenses should establish a firm in Korea or form a consortium with Korean licensee who already has such a firm before applying for the competition.
– One team can be made of up to five members and should register one of its members appointed as the representative member of the team.

3. Schedule
(1) Registration Closing of Stage One: 7.7 (Tue)~8.7 (Fri) 17:00
(2) Submission Deadline of Stage One: 8.20 (Thu) 17:00
(3) Announcement of Winning Entries of Stage One: 8.28 (Fri)
(4) Registration Closing of Stage Two: 9.8 (Tue)~10.6 (Tue) 17:00
(5) Submission Deadline of Stage Two: 10.22 (Thu) 17:00
(6) Announcement of Winning Entries of Stage Two: 10.29 (Thu)

4. Materials to be Submitted
– Drawing Panels (Digital Panels, 1,219.2㎜ x 685.8㎜, 300dpi, jpg)
– Design Description (A4, ten pages or less, pdf)
– Other Documents (Power of Attorney, Joint Application Agreement, Pledge, Copies of Architect License and the Business Registration Certificate of the architectural firm)

5. Jury of Assessors
– Kim Sung Hong (Professor, Department of Architecture, University of Seoul)
– Kim Young Joon (Principal, YO2 Urban Architecture)
– Kim Jun Sung (Professor, Graduate School of Architecture, Konkuk University)
– Lee Min Ah (Principal, Hyub Dong Won Architecture)
– John Hong (Professor, Department of Architecture, Seoul National University)
– Kim Dong Jin (Provisional Member, Professor, Department of Architectural Engineering, Hong Ik University)
– Jo Jae Won (Provisional Member, Principal, 0_1 Studio)

6. Awards
– First Prize(1) : Award certificate and design contract
– Participation(4) : Award certificate and KRW 25million

7. Inquiry
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