Kugenuma-Y House, Japan
대피 겸용 철제 경사로를 외벽에 두른 일본 쇼난의 쿠게누마 Y 주택

Kaniue Architects | 카니우에 아키텍츠



The site, near Shonan beach, is a reinforced concrete residential building – five stories high and 15 tall with a 150m long slope wrapped around it. The first thing that the client requested was that the building should be 15m tall and that the top should be reachable in any event.
The architects felt the client’s strong determination to remain on the site even during the most severe weather conditions, so they wanted to build a light but generous building, and one which, at the same time, should be strong enough to remain intact in any event.

혹독한 기후를 지닌 일본 가나가와현 쇼난 해변 인근에 띠를 두른듯한 독특한 5층 주택이 들어섰다. 외벽을 따라 아연으로 도금한 150m 길이의 철제 경사로를 둘러 지상에서 옥상까지 연결했다. 유사시 엘리베이터나 실내 계단은 제약이 있기 때문이다. 어떤 상황에서도 옥상으로 쉽게 대피할 수 있게 15m 높이의 건물을 원했던 건축주의 요구에 따른 것이다.



Project: Kugenuma-Y House / Location: Kanagawa, Japan / Architect: Kaniue Architects / Structure design: Akira Suzuki/ASA – Yosuke Kimura, Michio Hasegawa / Construction: Daido Kogyo – Fuyuki Kawakami / Use: private residence / Site area: 185.67m2 / Bldg. area: 69.04m2 / Gross floor area: 102.89m2 / Bldg. scale: four stories / Structure : reinforced concrete / Completion: 2018.3 / Photograph: Koji Fujii (Nacasa&Partners Inc.)



A galvanized steel slope wraps around the 15m moment-resisting frame. Not an elevator or a stair, but a slope, brings the inhabitants to the top of the building at any time. This simple slope has many other benefits: the interior space can expand to the exterior with a full-height operable sash, even on the upper floors, creating a complex connection between inside and outside. The slope acts as an extending floor, as sunlight control eaves, as a safety rail, and as a privacy screen, all at the same time.




기본 골조는 수평부재와 수직부재를 접합한 모멘트 저항 시스템으로 해 유연성과 안정성을 높었다. 구조 자체는 가볍지만 공간은 널직하면서도, 강력한 외부 자극에도 충분히 버틸 수 있다.
경사로는 단조로울 수 있는 건물 외관에 개성을 더하면서 난간뿐만 아니라 가림막, 차양 등에도 활용된다. 외벽을 보수할 때도 따로 비싼 기계를 설치할 필요없이 난간으로 쓰면 된다. 모든 층에는 미닫이 통유리창이 있어 실내로 쉽게 드나들 수 있다. 내부 공간이 유리창 너머 경사로 쪽으로 확장되면서 탁트인 시야를 즐길 수 있다.



The first and second floors of the building have a tall ceiling. The third floor has no walls. The fourth floor is like a tunnel. The fifth floor is like a hut. The six-layer slope wraps around the tower with a gradual shift, creating small distortions at each floor.




The slope allows the owner to be able to see every corner of his building. Usually, the exterior walls of a 15m tall building cannot be inspected at eye-level, and the decay of the walls may advance without being noticed. In this building however, the walls can be inspected for damage at eye-level at all times. When the building needs maintenance, it requires no expensive scaffolding, as the slope itself acts as one. The daily interactions between the dweller and his building will lead to the long life of the building: it is such a simple yet complex architecture achieved here.