Korea Football Association, KFA
National Football Center(NFC) Master Plan International Closed Competition


1. Purpose
– This design competition must be started with an understanding of the complexity of project with concerning the supplying greatest National Football Center with consolidated architectural design to fuel Korean football’s future growth.
– The purpose of competition is to obtain a master design plan for the entire area(Kasan-ri 120th avenue) and innovative architectural design for the Korea Football Association(KFA)’s construction area.

2. Type
(1) Phase 1: Open competition / Submission of Project proposal
(2) Phase 2: Closed Competition / Submission of Design works
– Two teams from the Phase 1 competition
– One invited domestic team: DMP (http://www.dmppartners.com/)
– One invited international team: UNStudio 

3. Work scope
(1) Master Plan Concept and Guideline for the entire area
– Layout and Landscape
– Guideline for building exterior, sign, color, etc.
(2) P.D(Pre-Design) and S.D(Schematic Design) concept for KFA area and buildings
– KFA HQ Building(including Team’s accommodation),
– Indoor Training Field (some seat capacity, dressing rooms etc)
– Mini Stadium (1000~1500 capacity, dressing rooms, referee room, office etc)
(3) Review of D.D(Design Development) and C.D(Construction Document)
– D.D and C.D will be developed by the local architect office.
※ C.A(Construction Administration) is not included in the work scope

4. Schedule
– Phase 1
(1) Announcement: 2020.3.24.
(2) Proposal Submission: 2020.4.14
(3) Review: 2020.4.15
(4) Result announcement: 2020.4.17
– Phase 2
(1) Design Work submission: 2020.6.8
(2) Technical Review: 2020.6.9
(3) Presentation, review and announcement: 2020.6.10(Thu)

5. Jury panel members
CHO Hyunjae, KFA Vice President, Chairman of Jury Panel
JANG Yoonkyu, Professor, Kookmin University
LEE Wonjun, CEO, EGA Architect Office
UM Moonsung, CEO, Urban Space Management E&C
JU Yongbeom, Chairman, Korea Olympic Committee Center Project

6. Award type
Phase 1
– Honorable Mention (3 teams): 3 million KRW each
Phase 2
– 1st (Winner, 1 team): 500 million KRW
– 2nd (1 team): 20 million KRW
– 3rd (1 team): 20 million KRW
– 4th (1 team): 20 million KRW

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