Taverny Medical Center, France
목재로 마감하고 평온함을 주는 중정을 둔 환경친화적 의료 시설, 파리 외곽 따베흐니 메디컬 센터

MAAJ Architectes | MAAJ 악쉬텍



The healthcare center project, started in July 2016 by Taverny City Council, aims at gathering a multidisciplinary team of medical doctors and healthcare professionals in one place, so as to make up for the lack of practitioners outside major cities. Since the center is located in a fragmented townscape bordered by a motorway, the architects have sought to design a building constructed around a central patio, with an interior that is well-adapted for care facilities and architecturally reminiscent of ancient cloisters.

프랑스 파리의 북서부 교외 따베흐니에 메디컬 센터가 들어섰다. 2020년 1월에 완공된 센터는 대도시에 비해 부족한 지방 도시의 의료 인프라를 확충하고자 설립되었다.

중정을 둘러싼 건물의 형태는 따베흐니 도심을 가로지르는 고속도로에 인접한 위치를 고려해 설계한 결과다. 중심부를 비워낸 자리에 석재와 나무로 조경을 꾸며 채움과 비움, 건물과 녹지를 균형 있게 구성했다.




Project: Taverny Medical Center / Location: Taverny, France / Architects: MAAJ Architectes / Landscaper: PRAXYS Paysage / Economist: Bureau Michel Forgue (BMF) / Structural engineering: BATISERF Ingénierie / Thermal, electrical, environmental engineering: WOR Ingénierie / Acoustician engineering: Acoustique Vivié & Associés (AVA) / Coordinator: EFFISEO / Client: Ville de Taverny / Bldg. area: 1,095m2 / Cost: EUR 2,883,357 / Design: 2016.7 / Construction: 2018.7~2020.1 / Photograph: François-Xavier DA CUNHA LEAL




The center’s overall size and shape indicate an aim to integrate it harmoniously into the surrounding urban environment, with balanced proportions between filled and empty spaces, mineral and vegetal components, buildings and green areas. The program involves a functional organization of the space; the square shape allows for an arrangement of areas of graded privacy around a communal area.

The central patio offers several advantages, such as natural lighting, for the whole building. It also serves as an open extension of the waiting rooms and acts as an intimate and sensory place where medicinal plants are grown, a reminder of the health and curative purpose of the center.







환경친화적 건물을 만들고자 외피와 프레임, 내부를 목재로 마감했다. 천연 목재를 짜 맞춘 외피 위에 4면으로 된 지붕을 얹은 전체 형태와 규모가 이웃 주택과 제법 자연스럽게 어우러진다.

공용 공간을 중심에 두고 개인실을 그 주변부에 배치했다. 중정은 치료실과 대기실에서 연장된 공간이다. 중정을 통해 들어온 햇빛이 실내에 퍼지면서 공간이 한결 넓어 보인다. 정원에서 자라는 약초의 향이 정서적으로 안정감을 주고, 이곳이 치료와 건강 회복을 돕는 장소임을 느끼게 해준다.





The timbered façade is framed to resemble a forest. This reflects a desire to provide the town with an environmentally-friendly building. Wood is extensively used (in the structure, façade and cladding) for its sustainable attributes and its capacity to capture CO2. The outer layer of the building will ensure the control of the ambient climate inside the building for the wellbeing of the patients.
Rising above the timbered façade, four-sided roofs crown the building, and are at a scale in keeping with that of the nearby existing buildings. These cover the medical center and ensure the natural lighting and ventilation of the different areas of the building.