Korean Institute of Architects
The 39th KIA International Competition

Today, conventional boundaries between nations, races and cultures are being blurred due to a wide range of cultural exchange and convergence. At the same time, the hyper-connected society realized by the recent technological innovations is opening up a new horizon cross-bordering diverse boundaries and transcending limits of time and space.

The transboundary concepts in architecture can be introduced in various way: architectural palimpsest,
new territories created by the hybridization of users and programs, or creative deconstruction and reconstruction of the existing morphologies and typologies. In addition, in terms of mobility/sedentism, a variety of approaches can be taken to rethink the existing conceptual framework by reinterpreting the architectural and urban typologies and experimenting new space programs such as transforming hierarchical space to non-hierarchical space, regenerating the business districts to residential communities, or recreating industrial facilities into recreational opportunities.

It is expected to see creative ideas and proposals transforming the existing urban infrastructure built upon typical concepts in the age of Fordism by interactions between the invisible boundaries conflicting different cultural values and exploring transboundary through diversified approaches on lifestyles and culture.

1. Theme
Exploring transboundaries in a hyperconnected era

2. Eligibility
Open to all (only registered individual)

3. Schedule
(1) Registration: March 6~June 26
(2) Submission deadline for the 1st round: June 26 (18:00, GMT+09)
(3) Announcement of the 1st round list: The Second Week of July
(4) Submission deadline for the 2nd round: The First Week of September
(5) Evaluation by the jury (2nd, final round): The Second – Third Week of September
(6) Announcement of the final Winners: The Third Week of September
(7) Awards ceremony & Exhibition: The Second Week of October

4. Submission
(1) 1st Round Submission
– Drawing panel (two A3 papers-sized)
– All applicants must submit their materials in USB
(2) 2nd Round Submission
– Architectural model (600×600×600mm)
– Drawing panel (600×1200mm)
– All applicants must submit their materials in USB 

5. Prizes
1st(1): KRW 5,000,000
2nd(4): KRW 2,000,000
3rd(5~8): KRW 1,000,000
Honorable Mention(50~80): certificate

6. Contact
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